Octopus necklace with gray pearls, purplish nuance

Octopus choker necklace, Marri Cortona adjustable in length. An asymmetric bronze element in the shape of an octopus tentacle envelops real natural, cultured gray pearls with a pleasant purplish nuance. 18K gold finish. Immerse yourself in an enchanted world with this extraordinary necklace, where craftsmanship and made in Italy blend in a combination of romance and charm. This necklace combines precious stones with a delicate octopus tentacle, creating a dreamlike atmosphere and transporting you on a journey of emotions.Each stone has been carefully selected for its beauty and brightness, while the octopus tentacle has been shaped with skill and creativity, giving life to a unique and surprising element. This combination of nature and Italian craftsmanship makes each necklace a true masterpiece

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