The Soul Stone

La Pietra dell'Anima

Marri Cortona with 'La Pietra dell'Anima' has selected semi-precious stones by associating them with the months of birth so that each person reflects their inner essence or spiritual nature.

The “ Soul Stone ” suggests a fascinating idea: that a stone can be intrinsically linked to the person who owns it, reflecting their inner essence and spiritual nature, but also their deepest inner qualities.

The metaphor of the preciousness of the stones that are shaped and transformed by the pressure and heat of the earth offers an interesting parallel with the personal path of individual growth and transformation. Life's experiences and challenges can shape and mold our personalities, making us emerge stronger and brighter.

At the same time, the " Soul Stone " can be seen as an amulet that carries with it the power and energy of the person who wears it. As a sort of talisman, it can offer protection and comfort in the challenges of daily life, bringing with it the power and energy of the person who wears it, a metaphor for inner beauty and the purity of the soul.

The " Soul Stone " is therefore more than a simple ornament but is a symbol of profound connection with the natural world and of understanding one's most authentic essence.

Wearing it is not just a question of style, but a way to honor your uniqueness and to remain connected with the beauty and purity of your soul.

Since 1400 BC, the colors of the stones have celebrated and enhanced the unique qualities of those who wear them.

In 1952, the American National Association of Jewelers classified the colors associated with each month of birth, allowing everyone to find a special stone that reflects their essence.