Dore' earrings model Ondine


The Dore' line by Marri Cortona is a collection of earrings that stand out for their variety of shapes and sizes. These earrings are skillfully crafted by our Tuscan artisans. The Dore' earrings are made of bronze, a durable and versatile material, which undergoes an 18-carat gold plating process. This plating gives the earrings an elegant golden finish, making them radiant and precious.

The collection features earrings of different shapes, such as pendants and intricate geometries. Each earring has a unique design that showcases the attention to detail and skill of the local artisans. The sizes of the earrings range from delicate smaller models, perfect for a discreet and elegant look, to larger and bolder ones that make a more striking and expressive statement. Thus, the Dore' line by Marri Cortona offers a wide selection to suit different tastes and occasions

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